Monday, March 5, 2012

Cham Cloth - Keeps your car scratch free

All those who love their cars truly-madly-deeply does the cleaning themselves. Anything if overdone can have negative effects. Cleaning can result in cloth marks all over your shining car which becomes more evident under the sun.

A little investment in the form of Cham Cloth will come handy in these cases.

It costs around Rs.250 and works wonders on the cleaning experience.

The absorption power of this cloth is truly marvellous.

How to clean your car ?

  • Take a bucket full of water.
  • Dip the cham cloth in water
  • Take out the cham cloth completely soaked in water and apply on the car.
  • Keep dipping the cloth in bucket frequently and continue doing this until the whole car is wet and soaked in water.
  • Now take another bucket full of water and put some car wash shampoo in it.
  • Dip the cham cloth in it and start repeating the above process starting from the top portion of the car.
  • Always ensure that the cham cloth is fully soaked in soap water.
  • After completely applying the car wash, dip the cham cloth in another bucket full of water and start to remove the shampoo from car's body
  • Once the entire shampoo is removed, wash the cham cloth and squeeze it so that it become instantly dry.
  • Now slowly start to wipe out the water using the dry cham cloth.
  • After each swipe squeeze the cham cloth to relieve it off the water.
  • Once this is finished the car will glitter and not a single trace of water will remain.
Car washing is fun and the satisfaction one gets is immense.
One even gets the feeling of the car offering a smooth ride after a wash.

Life of a cham cloth
A cham cloth lasts for one year if stored properly after usage. It should not be allowed to completely dried in the sun. Just squeeze the water out of it and keep it in an air tight box.

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