Friday, August 14, 2009

Maruti Suzuki Swift - Diesel

The SWIFT as the name indicates is quite a swift mover and at the same time a very sedate fuel drinker.
The purchase price in the range of 5 to 6 lakhs made me think of why people buy this when we have an option of buying low end sedans in this price range.
But this vehicle offers much pleasure in driving with almost the same comfort of those sedans around, ofcourse with the exception of boot.
The pros and cons are as follows.

  1. Superb power delivery. Those who like the effect of Aircraft take off is sure to like this vehicle too. Partly this feeling is due to the low torque in the lower RPMs and the sudden increase in torque when RPM rises above 1800 mark.
  2. Superb mileage. In city 16 to 18 is guaranteed and in highways it is sure to return something in the range of 20Km/litre. (the max I got is 24 km/litre)
  3. Suspension is very much suitable for Indian Roads. This car comfort levels is as good as the sedans in the same range
  4. Pretty decent boot space when compared with other hatch backs
  5. Looks - quite subjective, but surely this is one car whose looks grew upon us pretty faster than any other model.
  6. High speed stability. The car seems to be very well stable even at high speeds. As the speed increases we have a feeling that the car is lowering further down. I travelled at a speed in the range of 140 - 150 in this car without knowing that I am doing such high speeds
  7. Service - Maruti service need no special mention at all. There service network is tremendous and almost all dealers maintain a minimum level of quality
  8. Service costs - Paid service cost are not exhorbitantly high. It is in the tune of 2k per service, provided there are not failures
  9. Good chilling AC.
  10. Very good noise insulation in the cabin.
  11. A good candidate for external modification. Even though it is better not to tamper with the exterior, this is one car which the car modification enthusiasts really like, coz almost all the modifications seems to suite the car well.
  12. A real value for money product in terms of mileage, comfort, cost of ownership.
  13. No driver fatigue even after long driving session (max I did was 10hr in one go)


  1. Back seat leg space is a concern.
  2. Back seat head rest design is very poor. We are sure to get irritated if the travelling time is more
  3. The cocoon design, which means the passengers are placed very low inside the cabin, means the visibility of the back seat passengers to the outside is very less. Some people may like this, but if the travel is through winding roads, then this will cause travel sickness
  4. Braking is not enough for such a high power car capable of doing very high speeds.
  5. The plastics are Prone to rattles. I have not experienced this so far, but some of my friends have this problem.
  6. Very low torque in the lower rpm band sometimes makes it difficult to drive in the city, but once we are used to it, we will overcome this difficulty. This also has an impact while climbing up ghats, for new users this can cause a lot of difficulty, but it is a matter of getting used to it.

  7. Not a Value for money product in terms of space it offers, both for passenger as well as for luggage.

It is a known fact that this is a best seller for Maruti.

Who would have thought that this will be a winner, when maruti launched this model which is priced way ahead of Indica which was ruling the market of diesel hatches.

Unlike Indica this became popular for the private users even though they had to shell a few lakhs more.

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