Saturday, October 10, 2009

Toy Guitar - Quite realistic !!

Product Name: Guitar
Age group: 04 and up

Just one look at this beautiful product and you are sure to fall in love with this one.

Color combination of the toy is something which is an important ingredient to make the toy attractive and this one is sure to attract kids if not the so called adults.
The sound output matches with that of the guitar so much so that at times it feels as if someone is playing the real one.

The four buttons on the handle is used to play the sound.

The round lever on the main body can be used to give special effects to the sound. Just watch the right hand of my son.

The four switches in the main body is for switching on and off and to give select the background tones. There are volume control buttons on the main body.

Any kid will easily get accustomed to its usage.

The good thing is that when a kid plays this, the sound of music coming out is enjoyable to people around, otherwise it will be a nuisance for others when a kid plays this. The kids also enjoys the music, making them use this again and again.

This toy works on battery with auto power cut off when not in use. There are no sharp edges and is built to tolerate abuse to a certain level.


Angele Martin said...

Nice work Kid gonna love it...Really nice Information thank for sharing it.. said...

yeah kid is loving it. Thanks for your comments

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