Saturday, August 8, 2009

Laptop for toddlers

Product - Laptop
Age group - 8 months and up
Positives - Attractive color, rugged, battery life, educational value

Laptops - kids are used to see this with their parents and wish to play with them. What if we can gift them a laptop for their very own use.
Their are many kids laptops available in the market now. This laptop is suitable for those toddlers who don't even have 1 year life experience to their credit.
This one is really rugged, for it can withstand some minimal falls, the color is quite attractive, the shapes of animals, combined with the lighting is sure to make a kid interested in this piece.
This is the laptop.

It can be opened like this, a la laptop kind of lid.

The scroll mouse has all the actions of its real counter part.
A press on this bring this to life. There is a sort of a game in which a light starts to roll around the different images on the screen. The kid has to press the button which contains the image where the light stops.
If the answer is correct, then applause will be heard along with sound corresponding to the image (train, boat, bus etc)

On one side of the main keyboard there are shapes of animals/birds and on other side musical instruments. Pressing these will initate the sounds corresponding to these shapes.

All these will keep the kid intriuged with this. You can even see that the kid soon identifies the sound which he likes the most and he can been seen pressing that too often than the others.
The wide range of options in this simple toy is surely a good educational toy for the kids. Another thing which is really commendable is the really long battery life. This automatically switches off if there is no activity for 5 minutes. There is no special button for switching on. Pressing any of the key after opening the flip open lid will bring it to life.

There is another laptop which is for ages 3 and up, review of which will follow suite.

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