Saturday, August 15, 2009

Remote Control Jeep with Crash Recovery

Toy: Remote control Toy Jeep
Age: 4 yrs and up
Special feature: Crash and crash recovery simulation
Lots of Remote control toys are available in the market now. Kids generally lose interest in such toys after the initial 2 - 3 days of usage. The reason behind this is that there is no much innovation except the regular movements.
This Jeep is much more than a normal remote control car just by the addition of one feature.
The jeep is a good looker.

The jeep is a little bit on the heavy side. Move it using the remote and make it hit to a side wall.

OOOPS the jeep breaks apart, doors hang out, the back also jump out, along with the sound of a big crash. This event is exciting to watch.

See the crashed jeep.

Now just press the recover button of the remote. The jeep is back to its normal, along with the sound of a recovery.

The recovered jeep.

This one action makes the kids really interested in this toy. The joy of getting the crashed jeep back to its normal state is quite visible from the child's face.Even though it is just one additional feature, the kids never seem to get bored doing this.

Other pros

The toy is ruggedly built,

The vehicle's battery is rechargable.

The remote's battery is really long lasting.

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