Sunday, April 25, 2010

A premium Helmet at a non premium price - The Studds Helmet.

Type: Full face helmet
Purchase price: Rs 2000 (Indian Rupees)
Purchase date: 2008 August

Ever rode a motorbike without this gadget on your head, then you are committing a crime as per legal laws and even more important is the fact that you are risking your own life and it is a suicidal mission


It is not enought to just wear any Helmet. The Helmet should be satisfying certain quality standards. In India it should be ISI certified.

A full face helmet is the most recommended one.

A real good quality helmet is surely different from other low cost ones. In the premium segment, we used to get only AGV Helmets which are of real high quality, but the prices starts from INR 3000 and above. So normally people buy other ISI Helmets available whose price is in the range of INR 500 to INR 1000 (for full face helmets)

In 2008 Studds, the popular brand in India has launched some premium helmets which is sure to give AGV a run for its money.

This is the premium full face helmet from STUDDS. White colored helmets help in visibility of the rider at night by other vehicles.

Quality is evident inside out, and I am writing this review after using it for last two years and about 30,000 kms of tireless motorbiking.

The quality of the padding inside is exemplerary and it kinda fits your head really well and it is a kind off one size fits all. Once it is worn we feel as if we are insulated from the dusty and noisy surroundings.

The glass area is pretty wide giving a wide viewing angle. The visor quality is superb, maintain it scratch free by not touching it using your fingers and also by always using a clean cloth to wipe dust, you are sure to always be confused on whether visor is closed or not. To open the visor always use the small extension on one of the edges which is a nicely thought out feature.

The graphics on its surface are quite eye catching too!!

The visor rails and locks are of premium nature and it closely matches the AGV. It seems build to last and feels quite rugged too, unlike the flimsy mechanism usually found on helmets.

Another good thing is the presence of a lot of air wents which are not just show off, but really operational one. It helps in the air circulation inside and one can feel the difference on long rides and also to increase the audibility.

Air wents are present at the back too.

Good thing is that when these are closed, water does not log in during a rainy day ride.

The price for this is INR 2000, a steal considering the quality it offers and the similarities with the higher priced competitors.


Haddock said...

Studds is one of the reliable helmets in India.

Amin said...


--xh-- said...

Studds is good, but in that price point, you get AGV and GP-One, which are better than Studds. You get MPA for less than that price, and I have found it much better VFM than a 2K Studds.

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