Sunday, November 8, 2009

Duckback - A true Rain coat

Product: Raincoat
Make: Duckback

Motorbike has been and is one of the most used commuting medium. One of the major hindrance in using this medium for regular office commuting is, during rainy days we can get completely wet. Raincoats are supposed to be the armory in our custody for combating this threat, which unfortunately does not serve its purpose completely.

Many a times after a ride wearing raincoats through heavy rains, we find that water has drained in through our neck region extending to our chest and also through your hand to the sleeves of the shirt. The rain pants also ensures that adequate water has logged into the top area of your pants, making the whole day of yours at office quite uncomfortable.

If you too have faced such an experience then please do read on rest of this review.

One of my friends recommended me to buy a "DuckBack" raincoat and commented that it is the best available in the market eventhough slightly highly priced. I purchased one taking into account his word from Chellam Umbrella Mart in (Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala) . Purchase price was Rs. 750. Slightly high when you consider that you can get other raincoats for as low as Rs. 300.

Still I decided to give it try. The raincoat set consisting of a jacket and pants comes in a very small packet. It can be squeesed into as little space as possible. The packet also is a water resistant one.

After the first usage itself, I found out that this one is perfect. The advantages I found are.

1. Not a single drop of water leaked into my dress after a ride of 10km continuously in heavy rains.

2. There is fastener at the end of the hand sleeve near the palm which can be tightened. This ensures that no water will enter through that opening.

3. The fastener in the neck is adequate to ensure that the water drain through the neck area is also blocked.
4. The material used is very light.
5. The water resistant bag provided can be used for storing the rain coat after usage. This bag can be confidently carried along with your office bag with full assurance that water in the raincoat will not drain out through the bag. This is a boon as earlier I used to carry plastic covers for carrying the water logged raincoats which does not look quite good.
6. It has Longer life than other local raincoats. I have been using it since Jan 2008 and so far it is serving its purpose just like when it was used in day 1.
7. The pockets provided are also rainproof. The flap on top of the pocket ensures that no water leaks through the pocket's opening.

The riding jacket which I use for long distance tours which contains body protection paddings is not quite water resistant, as a result of which now a days I wear this raincoat on top of the riding jacket when it rains.

This rain jacket cannot be used as a substitute for a riding jacket as wearing this during sunny days is sure to make you really wet because of sweating. Also there is no protective padding. Use it only for its intended purpose - ie protection from getting wet during rains - which it does wonderfully well.

Quiet a good product. I have using it for protecting myself from rain during the trips listed here. Click here to view my trips on Royal Enfield Motorcycle


Anonymous said...

The worst kind of rain coat i have ever found in my life don't recommend to any one i have 3 no. all wet in normal rain and the pant wet immediately if you like i can send you the photograph of that it claims for breath also but not true it makes you sweat out. i have 2 blue and 1 black one.

umesh said...

I am using Duckback and i am not facing any problem's :)

DUCK BACK said...

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Duck Back said...

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