Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Xenos 8 inch subwoofer - Portable but Useful !!

Ever since I changed the head unit of Toyota Innova from Pioneer to "Flyaudio", the sound output was not to my liking. It lacked punch. (The reasons for changing the head unit is blogged here)

My Innova is still having the stock speakers. May be the amplified output of the "Flyaudio" does not have the same wattage of the previous Pioneer system.
Approached different car accessory shops in my home town - Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala, India).

Most of them suggested the following
- upgrade the stock speakers. Use Component speakers
- Buy an amplifier and connect and drive the speakers via this amplifier. Since the fly audio system is having preamplified output, use it to feed sound to the amplifier.
- Also invest for a subwoofer. Drive the subwoofer via another amplifier.
Projected total cost was Rs. 25,000
I did not go in for the above option because of the reasons stated below

1. The subwoofers will occupy a major space in boot. Even though shop keepers suggested that I can remove it when I go for long journeys with lots of luggage, I was not convinced, since it is during the long journeys that I need the subwoofers the most.
2. I have to find space for the two amplifiers.
3. Lots of wiring and drilling holes in the door is necessary
4. Estimate was way over the budget.
5. None of the dealers were ready to demo such a set up. Almost all of them insisted that they will give a demo only if I am a guaranteed buyer.

Once I rejected the option I began searching again. Team Bhp the ultimate web guide for any automobile queries also seemed to suggest the above option. But I cannot invest without auditioning. Also I cannot fill up the boot space with this stuff, since we often travel with lots of luggage and all the three rows of seats will be occupied.
Meanwhile I came across a product from Xenos. An 8 inch subwoofer with amplifier integrated into it. The size is so small that I can put it under a seat. Again off to car shops for an audition.

One of the main car accessory shop in Thiruvananthapuram (at Kesavadasapuram) recently upgraded there facility. But one thing remained unchanged. The attitude of the staff. They behave as if we are at their mercy.
" We have the 8 inch xenos sub, but we will open the packet only if you pay the money upfront"
Left the place immediately. Did many shop hopping, either they didn't have this item in stock or were not willing to demonstrate.
Finally an accessory shop at Sreekariyam (Thiruvananthapuram) agreed to connect the subwoofer to my vehicle's head unit. It was just a 10 minute job for a single employee to connect it to the head unit, as no wires need to be cut. The power was directly taken from the battery.

The sound quality cannot match the output of regular sub woofers or bass tubes. Still it was enough for me. A compromise decision. Immediately I gave the go ahead for the installation.
The sub woofer was stationed under the passenger seat in the front row.

The was in no way hindrance to the passenger sitting behind
No one will notice its presence on a quick look

See the connections and the options here. This side is accessible from the passenger side door of the front seat


The installer changed the options and asked me to listen to my favourite music. After sometime I found out the sweet spot and maintained the settings ever since.
The set up is in my vehicle for the past 18 months and I find the following pros

- Maximum space utilization.
- Easy installation. No wires cut
- Affordable cost (Rs 7500)
- Low range boosting is adequate (Don't expect the heavy boost from a bass tube)
- Convenient location.

Overall this is a good buy for any one wanting to have that boosted bass, but don't want to invest on the big bass tubes.



Unknown said...

Thanks for the Wonderful review buddy.i am also from Trivandrum and was searching online for a review on the Xenos under seat sub.i was skeptical on how it would perform but your review has put confidence in going for one.I currently have Xenos ORCA-A HU with JBL rear 6.5 coaxials(Replaced stock rear) and front stock speakers.the bass is not getting up front to my liking.
Thanks again

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