Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Exterior Tiles - Sirex Interlocking Tiles - Built to last

Product: Sirex Exterior Tiles

Do you like to have these kind of exteriors to your house?

If you are planning to lay exterior tiles and is in the process of choosing one, read on my experiences in selecting and laying of exterior tiles.

When it comes to exterior tiles two types are available.

1. One which is laid on a hard top, ie after laying a layer of cement mixture. The tiles are also bonded with the help of cement mixture. Water will not go through these tiles to the ground.

2. Interlocking type, which is laid on top of a layer of sand. No cement mixture is needed. The tiles are tightly packed and their interlocking nature helps it to tightly bond to each other. Water can easily go through this to the ground.

I opted for the second type, due to following reasons
  • The rain water gets absorbed in the ground, which is the way it should be
  • If at all some maintenance is needed for some pipe line which goes underneath these tiles, it can be taken out and then put back without the need for breaking a concrete floor.
  • This breed of tiles seems to have the best grip, even during rains
After a bit of local enquiry on exterior tiles, I shortlisted Johnson and Sirex tiles, of which I felt Sirex is more ruggedly built and cost effective too. Also I happened to see one house where this tiles were laid. Chose a color matching the exterior of my house. According to me, the tiles should not steal the limelight once it is laid. It should be neat and colorful but should only aid to the ambience and play complement the exterior of the house.

Once I gave contract to one of the leading retailers in my town, I get a message from him that Sirex has stopped production and he will instead give me Johnson. I was not happy to hear this, googled and found out a website of Sirex. Was surprised to know that this brand is made in Kerala. Sent an email to the contact person mentioned there. Surprisingly I got a reply within some 1 hour and then a marketing executive contacted and soon the retailer called me and promised the deliver as soon as possible. It was one unexpected customer service from a brand which I thought would not have any such support.

The retailer himself arranged for the work contract also. The work details are like this.

1. First a layer of sea sand was spread
2. Using a mechanised leveller the sand was levelled. This levelling and packing of sand is very critical for the uniformity of the tiles.
3. A small chemical treatment was done to prevent the attack of ants and other pests
4. The tiles were then laid ensuring that it is packed tightly so as to avoid any lateral movement.
5. The leveler was used again to level the tiles.

An area of about 400 sq ft was completed in a days work.

The rate of work was at Rs 50 per square feet, including labour and excluding sand. Once finished the look of the house itself changed.

Just see for yourself

It has been 3 years since I laid this one, and even now after a small cleaning using water, it looks brand new.

These are the words from a truly satisfied Sirex customer.


kochuthresiamma p .j said...

a doubt.without a concrete base, wont the level difference of the ground cause cracks? wont the tiles come detached if one part of the area sinks - which happens when not firmed up with concrete? and can a vehicle dive over this without the tiles going in where there is level difference?

subu.ps said...

@Kochuthresiamma p.j

A preparation of the surface ensures that the problem mentioned in your doubt does not happen.
First they will level the surface using extra soil whereever required. Some roller like machine is used for pressing this. Then sea sand is laid. This also is pressurised using the roller ensuring a uniformity. Then tiles are laid and again pressed.
Vehicles can easily ride over this. My vehicles daily travel over this. Some mini lorries also has come to my house over this.

So far only once a small area of the tile dipped. I repaired it easily, coz one can lift those portion of the tile, fill with sand and again put it back. otherwise it has been a hassle free experience for the last 4 years.

Hope I answered ur doubt

kochuthresiamma p .j said...

yes. u did. thanks.

Pillai said...

i'm mplanning to lay exterior tiles. my ground is concreted. which company or brand would you suggest for that/ i'm in look out for something different.

Anonymous said...

Could you please tell me what will be the sirex interlocking pavers price now.

subu.ps said...

hello anonymous,
I don't know its current price. Please contact your local tile dealer for this. As mentioned in my post, it cost me Rs 50 per square feet in the year 2007.
thank you

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