Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dragster - A simple drag race

Product Name: Dragster
Age group: 04 and up
No of players: 2

Dragster - as the name suggests is similar to drag racing. The contest element adds to the fun. Children will find it interesting to play even with their parents. The more you play the more tricks we will master to win. It is quite surprising to see how even a small child uses different techniques to win as he gains more experience.
Package contents:
  1. A racing base
  2. Eight small plastic racing car models, 4 of them in red and 4 of them in blue
  3. Two marbles

The set up has to be arranged as shown below to start the game.

The marbles are place against a small rubber launch pad. The marble can be launched by using the thump as shown below
Once the marble is launched it will go and hit any one of the cars in that side and will drag it till it hits the wall in the end of the track.
Objective of the game is to make all the car drag to its finishing point by hitting it with marbles. Varying pressures has to be applied using the thump to ensure that the marble correctly hits the cars in each lane.
Children might find it difficult to finish the game initially, especially the last car. This is because, they tend to apply the same pressure for releasing the marbles, but believe me, they would soon learn the trick and will be able to decide which car will go first by adjusting the release pressure of marbles.

A simple toy, but really innovative concept which can sustain the interest of the kid.
Only sore point being the use of really small parts and the usage of marbles which is quite heavy and if thrown at somebody can really hurt.

Hence parental guidance is adviced especially if only small kids are playing.

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