Friday, January 28, 2011

Land Purchase in Kerala- Sharing my experience.

Building a home, for sure, is one of the dreams every other person is having. Once he/she gets a job, and is married, the next priority is to build a home. Lot of pain and effort goes into realising this dream and everyone has to settle for lot of compromises at the end coz all our requirement cannot be met.

But before entering into a deal for the land try to check atleast the following things, otherwise which we might land up in trouble. (I will keep updating the check list based on reader's suggestions. Please add your suggestions as comments below).

Categorised the checklist into two. A property worthiness checklist which is aimed at ensuring that the land is good for house construction and is indeed suitable to you and a document checklist which contains list of major documents to be checked before entering into a deal.

Property worthiness checklist

  1. Distance from work (ideally it should not be more than 5 to 6 kilometers)
  2. Distance from nearest National Highway (A 10 to 20 minute walkable distance is most optimum considering the fact that buses are available 24 x 7 through the National Highway)
  3. Height of the land from the adjacent property. (Ideally it should be an elevated land)
  4. Water flow condition. (whether all the rain water will end up in this property or not)
  5. Check the neighbourhood. (if there are tall walls please look over it and see what is around)
  6. Lorry access to the plot (Lack of lorry access will result heavy expense for construction material transportation)
  7. Width of the plot should be atleast 90meters (30 feet).
  8. Type of soil. If it is filled land, cost of construction will increase.
  9. Check whether any big trees in the neighbourhood has a major portion in this land. If yes insist of the current land owner to cut it before the deal.
  10. Check whether the wall for the property is available atleast for the side facing the road. If no, insist on the owner to build it before the deal. After the deal if we go and construct this lot of objections may come from the local people who will raise hue and cry about the boundary.

We may have to compromise some of the above conditions based on the constraints of our budget and/or the availability of land. But in such a condition we can bargain hard pointing to the compromises we are making.

Document Checklist (for purchasing land)

  1. Current title deed
  2. Ask for title deeds of earlier ownership (atleast 2 or 3 can be checked)
  3. Get a non encumbrance certificate. Apply for this in the village office under whose jurisdiction this property comesDrawing of the property showing the boundary markings. Use our own person to cross measure the actual dimensions.
  4. Original of latest land tax receipt.

Enjoy the search for the suitable land affordable to you and not the ideal one in your minds. 
Keep your eyes and mind wide open and think properly before entering into the deal.

All the best for your land purchase and for constructing your dream !!!


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