Sunday, November 29, 2009

Slate reincarnated - A reliable gadget

Product: Slate
Year & month of purchase: 2006 May

A slate is something which in olden golden days is the device using which we started our writing lessons. The advantage was its reusability, since we could erase what is written reuse it. But now a days it is no longer seen because of lot of disadvantages. But neverthless, it was a good starting point.

The modern avatars appeared in the form of toy and I happened to acquire one for my little one in 2006, but never thought that it will be one of his favourite toys.

The toy consists of a white writing slate and a pen attached to it with a string.

Just write on the slate with the pen.

Slide the lever at the bottom to the right side.

The slate is now cleanly erased and ready for next round of scribbling.

No dust, no need of chalks which posed the threat of being swallowed by the kid and no irritating sound of writing using a chalk.

The kids creativity is unleashed by creating different patterns and they just enjoy using this.

The reliability of this toy is beyond doubt when you can see that I took a pic of this toy in Oct 2009, a good 3 years after its purchase. Now my 6 year old and 2 year old is enjoying using this real rugged and built to last toy.

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