Monday, November 23, 2009

An offroader Toy - A rugged jeep

Product Name: Offroader Jeep
Age group: 04 and up

Before I say anything about this, just have a look at this jeep.

It is a looker.

This toy is simple in the sense that it does not have any electric gizmos attached to it. No batteries, no motor, no lights, but it is rugged.

The wheel is connected to some kind of mechanical assembly due to which when it rolls, it gives a real life sound.

This toy can be used outdoors and it is sure to withstand any abuse.

Just watch these snaps to see some real life stunts using this toy, which I captured when my kid was playing.

Ready to fly after hitting a bump

Up it goes.

somehow it balanced

Now ready to land after the acrobatic session

To be frank I enjoyed watching my kid play with this jeep which is quite big standing tall at 1 feet height.

1 comment:

Julia Patrick said...

A really cute jeep! The simlicity of the toys indeed seems to be appealing to many kids, especially boys. Actually my son likes playing with vintage cars, because they lack robotic functions. jeep videos for kids

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