Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Toyota Innova Service Cost History

Toyota Innova, as every one knows is an excellent Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) selling around 4000 units per month in India. I too laid hands on one in 2008 December and has been using it ever since as a self driven vehicle.

There is no special need to review this vehicle as it can be summed up in just one statement.

"A no nonsense vehicle free of niggling issues and high uptime, which can transport 6 people in good comfort without fatigue for very very long distances"

More than 95% owners whom I have come across with are satisfied with their Innovas
Here I am sharing my service and repair history which will give prospective buyers an insight into what to expect. I bought my vehicle and is regularly servicing the vehicle at Nippon Toyota, Kazhakkoottam in Thiruvananthapuram (Capital of Kerala state).

2009 Service Details

Date, Kilometer reading, Details, Amount

20-Jan-09, 1100km, 1k service,Rs.0
10-May-09, 5000km, 5k service,Rs.100
6-Oct-09, 10518km, 10000km service, Rs. 1889
Details (Labour:0, Fluid,W/s washer: 54, TGMO 1ltr BRL: 1036, TGMO 1ltr: 414, Wheel cap strap: 32, Gasket oil Pan drain: 32, Oil filter: 325)

Total Rs. 1989

Nothing to complain during the service visits. The service centre very prompt in service in and out times. Each of the service lasts just 3 hours. Facility to view the vehicle being serviced from the customer lounge.

No punctures during the whole year. One scratch in the rear bumper owing to my negligence.

2010 Service Details

Date, Kilometer reading, Details, Amount

18-Jan-10, 14945km, 15k service, Rs. 502, Labour: 502
20-Feb-10, 16469km, Rs.110
Details:Labour charge - bumper correction, minor accident
10-May-10, 19666km, Rs.3578
Details: 20K service, (fluid w/s washer: 54, TGMO 1Ltr brl: 1555, wheel cap strap: 28, wheel ball weight: 168, Gasket oil pan drain: 32, oil filter: 337, labour wheel balance: 222, labour inspection: 740, labour wheel alignment: 443)
1-Sep-10, 25000km, Rs.600
Details: 25 K service, inspection

Total: Rs. 4790

Service costs getting little higher, but still it is less than my Hyundai Santro's per year service costs.
Two accidents: Two bikers hit each other, one of them skidded and hit on vehicle left side underbody causing an inward dent. Not repaired as it is not visible quickly.
An Alto hit a biker, skidded and came right in front of my vehicle travelling at 80 Km/hr on highway, eventhough braked hard hit the alto at the rear, occupants didn't even know about the accident, bumper came out loose, fitting charges Rs. 100
Got lots of scratches on body, most of them caused by protruding branches of trees during my visits to hill stations and some probably by bikers or passerby when the vehicle is parked. Most of these are visible only from close range.
Two punctures, but both of them made the tyre flat only after the vehicle was parked in garage.

Details of year 2011 to follow.

Please feel free to ask any queries about the user experience, by way of comments.

Almost all my travels which I blog in http://subups.blogspot.com/ is made in this excellent cruiser.


toyota innova said...

The content has provided meaningful information thanks for sharing this. i appreciate your efforts. Looking for more updates from your side

Anonymous said...

I own a Innova for 7 years now. I bought one as soon as it appeared in the market.

My experience over 7yrs has been so trouble free, that it is amazing.

The most recent service at 65K cost me just Rs. 700/- which is less than what I pay for any Wagon-R periodic service at Maruti dealer (Rs. 1,100).

Even other replacements & Consumables are not rip-offs. I find Innova cheaper to maintain than my Wagon-R.

That's amazing.

madhuri said...

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Bhargavi Swaminathan said...

I am a fan of innova. I owned a 2007 model and currently owning 2012 model. Over this period I could very much feel the deterioration or worsening quality at the same time such steep price hikes for each upgrade. My current car is still in warranty and already they have replaced the bearings of both front wheels, driver seat belt, some pulley associated with the steering and finally a fuselink which is not covered by the warranty(probably they themselves knew that it is of poor quality). I dont know what would get wornout after the warranty. This never happened in the earlier model. Now they boast of 6 airbags and I wonder if these would open in the event of any calamity. Just because they don't have a stiff competition they have been increasing the price without maintaining quality for more profits. IS THIS THE Q REVOLUTION THEY MEAN?

Komal Singh said...

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Bella Edward said...

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