Thursday, December 17, 2009

Windshield for Royal Enfield Bullet

Product: Windshield
Make: Royal Enfield
Purchased on: Jan 2007
Overal rating: Excellent

The need:
1. When driving at good speeds near paddy fields at dawn or at dusk, lot of small flies comes and hit against the shirt, killing itself and spraying blood stains all over the dress
2. At times my little one just want to sit in front of me, and I want to protect him against these flies and dust
3. I liked its looks

The study:
The study based on net search and discussion with friends on pros and cons of fitting this yielded the following results,
1. It will create drag because of higher resistance, but there was no concrete evidence to prove this theory
2. Visibility will be very less especially when helmet is worn
3. It is very costly
4. In the event of a fall this can be dangerous

The decision:
Sometimes, even if you hear so many cons, you just decide based on your instincts and in this case also my instincts made me buy it

The purchase process:
The local dealer in my town told that it will take atleast 1 month to source it and quoted a price of 5.6k INR, which was a good 1.5K higher than one of my friends whom I have contacted had bought it, one year ago. I searched in other cities too and luckily found out one dealer who had one in their godown and offered me at the previous price. Within no time, I purchased it with the help of one of my friends in that place

The fitting
I decided to ride down to the place where this was bought which is a good 250 Kms away from my place (another reason to ride).
The packing was quite excellent, since it was a small package than I had in my mind.
On opening the following components were present

Nuts: 15 numbers
Short clamp: 2 numbers
Long clamp: 2 numbers
Small pipe like clamp: 1 number
Windshield : 2 parts

The fitment with the markings are as shown below.

1 & 2: Nuts to fix the short clamp to the headlight assembly. Only in Machismo there is provision for this nut to be mounted on the headlight assembly. In other models of bullets, one need to drill a hole.

3, 4, 5 & 6: Nuts to fix the lower part of windshield to the headlight clamps

7, 8, 9, 10 & 11: Lock nuts to join the lower part of the windshield with the upper part. Note that, since these are lock nuts, they won't tighten too much against the windshield. If you use any other nut instead of these original lock nuts, chances are there for cracks to appear, since those nuts tighten themselves against the windshield body.

12 & 13: Nuts to fix the upper part of the windshield with the long clamp which acts a support for this long windshield. The long clamp is to be fixed to the handle before this is done.

14 & 15: Nuts to fix the long clamp to the handle

16: Pipe like clamp which is to be fitted in the handle. The long clamp goes inside this pipe, which is tightened using nuts 14 and 15

17 & 18: The short clamp, which is fitted in the headlight assembly using nuts 1 & 2

19 & 20: The long clamp, which is fitted to the handle using the pipe clamp and which acts as support to the upper part of the windshield
21 & 22: Windshield lower part and upper part.

This is just a do it yourself fitment, but if you don't have all the tools then better do it at an authorised service centre.
Another thing to ensure when the package is opened is to check whether all the nuts are present. In my case it was not there and the installer tried to put normal nuts instead of lock nuts. Luckily this was found out and when the matter was reported to Royal enfield by their website feedback form, I got a prompt response and replacement was done within 2 weeks. EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SUPPORT isn't it?

Pros and cons I experienced with Windshield on

1. It really adds to the looks. A favourite with kids, coz you can always see them pointing towards you. Windshield is best avoided, if you don't want to be the centre of attention.

2. Fatigue levels are lesser after long rides because the hard hitting of air onto your chest is missing and this is one of the reasons for fatigue

3. You can ride even without your jacket on through the crowded and dusty city traffic and still emerge with a neat shirt.

4. The flies and other insects are clearly blocked

5. The drag is less, since the resistance offered by the slightly slanting, glassy surface is less than the resistance offered by the body. (My top speeds not decreased after fitting this one. Tested this before and after the fitment)

6. During heavy rains, water don't lash hard against your body. It will not completely block the water, but just helps to reduce its severity and your rain jacket is happy at the lesser work it has to do, to keep your body dry

1. Driving at night, when it drizzles is a pain. The lights of oncoming traffic will be brighten up this windshield and you will not be able to see anything in front through the windshield. If your height is more than 175cms you will be able to see through the top.

2. Maintaining it clean and scratch free is a pain.

Now time to see for yourself, one of the snaps of my bull with windshield

Feel free to ask me any questions in this regard, by commenting on this post.

If you are interested in reading my experiences of long rides in a bullet, please visit here

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N J said...

Hi Subu,

Nice review, while I drove your Bull I too felt the problem in visibility with helmet. But that was more coze of my height ;). But really it gives a great look to the Bull, which makes us a reminder of the olden days big bullies with two large box on either side, with the big mud flap and the windshield. This windshield gives a better look as well as some kind of protection. said...

hello Mr. N J, Thanx for dropping in and commenting :), I am planning to update more info on my bull's accessory updates and my experience from a usability point of view!!

NIDHIN said...

hello...can u please tell me the cost of the wind shield.

rsp7373 said...

hey pl........tell the status with regard to the clarity ...meanin scratches after 3 yrs....of useoriodu

Arjun said...

I wanted to buy one and went down to a dealer in Cochin. They said they don't have the product and weren't willing to order it for me either. Will have to try and get the windshield from Coimbatore...
Btw, do tell me how the glass is after 3 years - scratches et all...

Windshield Replacement MN said...

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Unknown said...

Thanks a lot for the insight. I recently bought my classic 500 and was actually looking for it. Please suggest me where can I get one.

Arun GK said...

Hi Bro, i like this page very much... i got a classic 500... i would like to get a windie for my bull.. can you please give ur openion on that.. also where can i get one in bangalore? any idea?

Anonymous said...

Hi!! I am Abhay Mehta!! I have recently bought an Classic 500 and i am looking for the windshield. can you please suggest me the dealer and its cost on my email id?? My email id is
thanks for the help!!

pam said...

This is awesome I have a thunderbird and already fixed a windshield on my bike, but It is not that much of good quality. Can you please tell me from where can I get this windshied?

my email:-

please help said...

To get the original windshield get in touch with the Royal enfield dealer. If they are not providing, try contacting the Royal Enfield factory at Chennai using the number/email contact given in royal enfield website. They usually responds to our request.


Praveen said...


I am in Bangalore, and want to buy a similar sindshield. Do you know where i can get one.

Akshra Singh said...

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Dr. Jay Indravadan Patel said...

Hi Subu,

Can you provide the details of shopkeer and the location where we can buy this. I am in need of a windshield. Thanks

Kudajadri charitable sangom said...

your phone nymber please

YSM said...

I want original windshield for my Machismo 350. Please give me link or address or any suggestions where i get Yash 9681449180

Ashwin Santiago said...

Hi! I am Ashwin!! I have a Standard 500 and i'm looking for the windshield. Couldn't find a dealer in Bangalore...can you please suggest me a dealer and its cost on my email id?? My email id is
thanks for the help!!

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