Saturday, August 8, 2009

Battling Tops - An exciting battle of TOPS

Kids are likely to spend more time with toys which keeps their interest sustained.
One of the ways to keep the interest sustained is by having a game,which involves some physical activity. If the game contains something which is akin to fight then it is sure to make it even more interesting.
One such interesting toy is the "BATTLING TOPS". As the name implies this is a game which contains tops which are battling each other for supremacy.This is similar to the bay blades but contains a battle field and the tops does not weigh as much as a bay blade.
The packing contains a round podium. Four players can play this simulatenously. See the contents here

The tops have to be tied using a string. On starting the players have to pull the strings harder from the launch area.
Then the fun begins. See two tops spinning hard.The tops will try to hit each other out of the game. See the attack here, One is about to fall.

The blue one is dead, the yellow is the winner here.
The slight slope of the podium towards the centre makes the tops come to the center. It is real fun and exiting to watch the collision of tops since after each hit they move towards the edge and again come back for attack. This attack is very interesting to watch and it is sure to catch the interest of the elders. The last top which stands tall will be the winner. Sometimes if the speed of top is very high, it may even hit other tops out of the podium.

The tops will keep on spinning for atleast 2 to 3 minutes making it quiet interesting to watch.

The winding of the string to the top takes some time. This time adds to the excitement and other discussions regarding the previous battle and ensures that the interest of the game is sustained.

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