Monday, October 12, 2009

Goldstar Silencer for Royal Enfield Bullet

Product: Goldie aka Goldstar Silencer for Royal Enfield Bullet.

A thumping solution for the poor souls who miss the thump!!

The AVL's or the aluminium engine bullets has quenched the thirst of lot of bullet crazy boys. Many first timers of Royal enfield enthusiasts prefer to go for this model because of the normal positioning of the gear/ brake lever, its reliability and higher cruising speed. But the price they have to pay is the lack of thump which only a traditional bullet having cast iron core gives.
I too was someone who was worried about this. But then my friends in the riding club offered a solution.
A GOLDSTAR silencer. (The name of which is derived from the old timer BSA Goldstar)

My machismo had come with a long bottle silencer as shown in this picture.

To satisfy some emission norms there are some barriers inside this long bottle silencer which will let the air out in a zig zag manner only, resulting in dampened sound, due to which the engine noise is more audible than the regular thump of the bullet.

The goldstar silencer or the Goldie does not have any baffles inside it and the unique shape of the silencer ensures adequate back pressure and once fitted the difference is really amazing.
There is no need to replace the bent pipe.

My bull with the Goldie.

Once Goldie is fitted the changes I experienced are

  • Feeling of a sense of freedom
  • I'm revving up further automatically & I'm feeling more power
  • The thump definitely has gone up. If driven sedately then sound is very less.
  • The most significant note which I liked was the thump while revving up from a constant speed
  • Earlier while driving I felt that the engine is tooo light. That feeling is now gone away.....


Purchase price: 2K

Place: Bangalore

Note: With Goldie one could get a sound like thump, only a standard bullet can give out the thumping sound


Sandeep said...

Where did you purchase it from ?
I have heard of a Goldstar Manufacturer in Pune.Haven't checked it yet.

I have ThunderBird 2008

Pune said...

I got it from Bangalore. Infact in Pune it is easily available. Just check with any of the spare parts shop or local mechanics.

dwarak said...


I am from Bangalore and own a 500 CI. I would be greatful to you if you can give me contact for the Goldstar Silencer. I need it desperately.

94481 40425

Ram said...

hi i m from goa n i need someone to help me to find goldstar slincer for my 350 bullet, if anyone could give me any contact no. Or the adress. My email is

shrini said...

hi ram there is a guy in delhi who manufactures the exact replica of the goldstar silencer. if u r interested, you can cotact me on 9820357598. im procuring 2 for myself. can order one for u and am coming to goa in jan so can get it for u...

Max said...

I bought one from MM Motors, Near Grant Road, Mumbai. Chennai Goldie for 750 bucks. Its a see through (has baffles - but no glass wool) Machismo really comes alive ...:-)

vaibhav naik said...

i already have a goldstart silencer but what i need is glasswool.can any body help me with that

Vijay Kumar said...

I am from Bangalore and own a machismo 500. I am looking for the Goldstar Silencer with same thumping sound.

dwarakster said...


Check with Muneer Mechanic at 080 25910979. He will get it for you.


Dreamer said...

Hi, can you tell me what is the downside of fitting the goldie? If they were all good, why would RE not fit them themselves??


Rajiv said...

Hello Guys,

I recently purchased a GOLDIE for my 1986 bull for just 1,700/- and the performance rocks.

Please check this site for more info

Cheers !

rsp7373 said...

Rajiv....any idea of the sans megaphone exhaust????Reviews plsssss...

Antony said...

Hi... I have a 91 model standard bullet and have fitted a short cylinder silencer... but not feeling the majestic thump... Can I replace it with a goldstar glasswool silencer??? Pls suggest

dwarakster said...


you can go for Goldie anytime. I am using one on my 500 cc for 2 years now. Apart good thump i do not see any difference in performance. But feels good.


suryakanth kp said...

i hav a thunder bird 2011 model will goldstar be suitable for ma bullet?will it sound good?

dwarakster said...


Goldstar silencer fits all RE bikes. definitely you will love the sound.


Sankalp Shukla said...

Does it fits in classic 350?? can u tell me if its available somewhere in delhi..

Sankalp Shukla said...

Is there anything we can fix inside the normal silencer tu increase the thump.?

Vishnu V said...

is it available in kerala ,,,,,and actual cost of it said...

as far as I know it is not available in Kerala. But you can easily get it online.

dwarakster said...

Hi folks, As I could not trace the Goldie manufacturer or dealer in Bangalore I recently bought a new silencer called WM Rs 2400 from Fixwell motors on JC Road, Bangalore. it has bigger nozzle and gives big woofing sound.

Jiffin Francis said...

call me 09387016558 i can get u any type of silencer for royal enfield as per your need

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