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PLUS TWO - Music Review !!!

Of late Malayalam movies has shown a drastic fall in quality, a sure reason which keeps people away from theatres. Most of the people are waiting for a good movie to come to flock the theatres. Even if the film is very very mediocre, people come to theatres especially on weekends only to go back disappointed as is the trend with some super star movies.

But are we going to see a new trend??

Can the newcomers rise to the occasion and fill the void created by the ageing super stars of Malayalam filmdom.?

Two movies have raised lot of hopes. One is “Plus 2” and the other is “Malarvadi Arts Club”. Let us watch these movies and then decide on the future of Malayalam cinema.

For the time being I would like give a review of songs of the movie Plus 2. Apart from the new star cast, the movie also marks the debut of “Manu Rameshan” as a music director, who promises a lot.  He was a star performer during his college days and also composed for certain Malayalam albums, which had truly good music, but was hardly brought to the limelight coz all of them had low promotion budget. Now that he has got a break into the filmdom, let me just take you through the 6 songs of the movie Plus 2 from the point of view of a pure music listener, who knows nothing about the technicalities of music.

A state of the art song, if you go by the lyrics, coz it has touched all the modern day techno gadgets along with the trends shown by the modern day youth. The message is loud and clear, when we hear the statement that “the fun life of today’s youth is completely centered around a mobile handset”. The music is enjoyable, but the music director must have had a tough time to make it enjoyable to the common man, thanks to the technical jargons used in the lyrics apart from the Malayalam words and love it or hate it rendering by Jassi Gift.

You will not fall in love with this song if you hear it once. But definitely it is a good enjoyable song. Don’t expect that this song which will last the test of times, but a song to match the story line and also to bring to limelight the current youth’s trends of social networking and mobile usage.

A more melodious and romantic song with a flowing music right from start to end, without any hard tune switching in between. Just put your headphones on and flow along with the music and it is sure to tickle the romantic mood in you. A short song though, coz one feels like it is having an abrupt end.

Song 3. THAANE
From the state of art, hip hop kind off style to the romantic melody to this sad, smooth number, the range of music director is quite visible here. The lyrics can fall in the category of a classy poem and the music surely supports the lyrics. The voice of the singer is given much prominence than the background score which is good for such kind of a song.

The specialty of this song lies in the fact that, the music is very well blended with the rendering. The ups and downs in rendering very well jells with the mood created by the lyrical meaning and at times the music changes to unexpected levels from the smooth and soft start. This undulating music gives it a unique touch though. 

Another romantic melodious song, sure to tickle the romantic mood. Those searching for love and those already in love will get a boost of their feelings towards that special one. Turn on this song and start dreaming. You are going to love this song.

A fusion kind of a creation with a folk touch well blended with rap and the output is something which for someone will sound superb and for those hardcore classic lovers a failed attempt. The taste of the listener will decide the fate of this song.

The songs ranges from soft melody, folk, hip hop all showing the class of a seasoned campaigner even though the creations is from a new comer. Let us listen these songs a few times before yelling out whether it is good or bad.

As a music lover, I had to listen this 3 to 4 times before I started listening to it again and again and these songs are best enjoyed with your headsets on, eyes closed and being in a world of your own.

NB: I am already a fan of this debutant director coz I have seen him performing many times. Hence was adamant on listening the songs again and again since I did not like some of the songs on hearing it for the first time. 

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Viper said... personal favorites in the order are Kannolam, Thaane, Manjadi & Vellaram...!!! Hope to see more & more of such hitz hitting mollywood and our collections...chetta well written review...!!

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